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Life Saving Quiz

Life Saving Challenge - Quiz 1

 SOS TECHNOLOGIES presents the SOS Challenge Quiz, a monthly online game that tests your knowledge of emergency care procedures and information. Read each question, and select an answer. When done, click the QUIZ  1 ANSWERS at the end. The questions and correct responses are provided so you can score yourself.    Once you are ready for Quiz 2 - Click Here.

Quiz 1

1. CPR compressions are performed by pressing on which flat bone?
(a) back bone, (b) rib bone, (c) sternum/breast bone
2. The head-tilt/chin-lift method to open the airway moves which muscle out of the way?
(a) tongue, (b) jaw muscle, (c) nasal bicep
3. What is the common name for the subdiaphragmatic abdominal thrust?
(a) Heimlich maneuver, (b) Hemlock maneuver, (c) Henry's maneuver
4. What should be done if an adult is found to be unresponsive?
(a) Call EMS/911, (b) start CPR, (c) start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
5. How should an unconscious breathing person be positioned?
(a) on their back, (b) on their side, (c) on their belly
6. A CPR resuscitation mask should have what components?
(a) one-way valve, good seal, 02 port, (b)two-way valve, trained seal, glass of port, (c) no valve, no seal, no port
7. What is the ratio of compressions to ventilations in one rescuer Adult CPR?
(a) 15 compressions to 2 ventilations, (b) 10 compressions to 1 ventilation, (c) 5 compressions to 5 ventilations
8. Drinking too much of what substance before eating can lead to airway blockage?
(a) seltzer water, (b) alcohol, (c) coffee
9. To help control shock in an injured or ill person what first aid device should be used?
(a) antishock shirt, (b) emergency oxygen unit, (c) tourniquet
10. In approximately what percent of medical emergencies are the victims breathing?
(a) 95%, (b) 75%, (c) 50%
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