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About SOS Technologies


Mission Statement

SOS Technologies is an organization dedicated to providing effective continuing education programs which will increase the level of safety and quality of care delivered in the workplace.
SOS Technologies delivers quality education by providing educational opportunities in the local work place so that participants may attend courses without long commutes and added expense.
SOS Technologies strives to create a “high standard - low stress” environment, which will be conducive to learning and enable the participant to meet their personal educational goals.




SOS Technologies has assembled an instructor / consultant associate faculty with extensive experience and expertise in the allied health and occupational safety industry.  Our Associates include: Risk Mangers, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Paramedics, Industrial Hygiene Experts, Hazardous Materials Experts, Environmental Engineers, Fire Service Instructors, and many other related areas of expertise.  Many of our Associates are published, credentialed, and certified educators as well.




Courses offered by SOS Technologies in affiliation with Educational Associates have been approved by many State Department's of Professional Regulation, and Board's of Nursing, Dentistry, and Licensing for specified hour for hour contact credit. 
Physicians, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Physicians Assistants, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Allied Health Care Providers should present their course completion documentation to their respective professional association or medical directors for approval of the continuing medical education contact hours.


*Detailed goals and objectives are included with pre-course information packets and are also available upon written request for information purposes


SOS Technologies Disclaimer


SOS Technologies reserves the privilege of adding or deleting courses based upon participant interest.  Suggestions for additional courses or seminars, based upon educational needs, are welcomed and encouraged by the faculty.