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Life Saving Quiz

Life Saving Challenge Quiz  2

 SOS TECHNOLOGIES presents the SOS Challenge Quiz, an online game that tests your knowledge of emergency care procedures and information. This is Ouiz 2. To play our last game, click Quiz 1.  

Directions for Game #02: Read each question, and select an answer. When done, click the QUIZ ANSWERS at the end. The questions and correct responses are provided so you can score yourself.

Quiz  2

1. Medical shock is defined as an insufficient amount of what reaching the cells and organs?
[a] blood, [b] oxygen, [c] glucose
2. Which of the following is usually NOT considered to be a symptom of a heart attack?
[a] tightness in the chest lasting 2 or more minutes, [b] shortness of breath, [c] pain in the legs
3. The most critical time period following the start of heart attack symptoms is?
[a] 24 hours, [b] 2 hours, [c] 6 hours
4. What is one thing that should NOT be done to help a person in shock?
[a] keep them lying down and administer emergency oxygen, [b] use a blanket or covering to keep their body temperature normal, [c] give them cold water to drink
5. A printer falls off the desk and severely cuts the arm of the user. What is the best way to immediately    control the bleeding?
[a] soak the wound in clear, cool water, [b] lower the wound below the level of the heart to reduce the blood flow,[c] apply direct pressure over the wound.
6. What is the most common cause of a blocked airway in the unconscious person?
[a] dentures - their own, [b] food or fish bones, [c] tongue - their own
7. You come across a person who may be experiencing a heart attack. One of the first things to do to help is:
[a] have the person continue towork in order to "take his mind off it" [b] have the person sit down and "relax" [c] let the person drive to the hospital to "check it out"
8. For the unconscious, breathing, heart attack victim, CPR should be started
[a] immediately, [b] only by a "certified" provider, [c] not at all
9. When calling for EMS assistance, it is important to give the following information
[a] the exact location, [b] the problem as you see it, [c] both (a) and (b)
10. Psychological stress begins to have its most disabling effects on people at what age?
[a] under 30 years, [b] 30-40 years, [c] 40 or more years


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