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Course Name:  Bloodborne Pathogens
Course Price:  $12.00
Hours:  1
Who should take this course:  OSHA NOTE: CFR 1910.1030 requires annual training for individuals who may have an exposure to blood or certain types of bodily fluid during the course of their work duties. To schedule a Bloodborne Pathogen Course, conta 
Description:  This one to two hour course provides information on infectious agents, mode of transmission, incubation period, period of communicability of the disease, and host resistance. Methods of prevention are discussed. If courses are taught to a specific target audience, such as dentists, or employees in a business or industry, the course material is focused on the specific risks likely to be encountered in that workplace or environment.
Course Prerequisites:  This course requires a minimum of (15) fifteen participants per class. If less than fifteen praticipate a minimum of $180.00 will be billed.
Testing Required:  Written test is required.
Locations: Course taught 2 times. To register for this course, click the "Location / Date" button below.