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Emergencies happen. They strike us at work, at home and often when we least expect them. Our mission is to provide men and women with the tools, like CPT and first aid training that teach you how to deal with emergencies properly.

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Name Hours Price
Heartsaver CPR Infant and Child 3.5 $45.00
Synopsis: Infant and child CPR training
CPR for Family and Friends Adult 2.5 $25.00
Synopsis: CPR Course for Lay Rescuers
Basic First Aid 4 $35.00
Synopsis: Basic First Aid
CPR for Family and Friends Infant and Child 2.5 $25.00
Synopsis: CPR for individuals working with infants and children.
Heartsaver CPR in School 0 $0.00
Synopsis: Course designed for highschool setting.
Heartsaver CPR Adult 3.5 $45.00
Synopsis: Heartsaver CPR Adult
Heartsaver AED - Automated External Defibrillation 2 $35.00
Synopsis: AED - Automated External Defibrillation
Heartsaver CPR/AED Adult 4.5 $55.00
Synopsis: Heartsaver CPR/AED Adult
Pediatric Advanced Life Support New Candidate Instructor’s (PALS Instructor New) Course 16 $200.00
Synopsis: Individuals who wish to become Pediatric Advanced Life Support instructors.