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Course Name:  CPR Instructor Training
Course Price:  $225.00
Hours:  16
Who should take this course:  Any one desiring to become an American Heart Association CPR instructor. The purpose of the AHA BLS Instructor Course is to provide instructor candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach and teach potentia 
Description:  The course must provide instructor candidates with the following infromation: AHA ECC educational philosophy; National AHA policies and procedures that affect ECC instructors; Sufficient background information so instructors will comprehend BLS subject matter and be able to answer questions posed by participants in courses; Essential teaching methods; An overview of educational aids available to the instructor for teaching providers courses. After completion of the cours, instructors are expected to continue to prepare and practice with guidance from experienced instructors. After a period of mentoring and monitored teaching experiences, the instructor candidate becomes an AHA instructor capable of teaching all courses sescribed in the instructor manual.
Course Prerequisites:  BLS for Healthcare Providers card dated within the last 90 days.
Testing Required:  The instructor candidate will be expected to demonstrate profeciency in all the material covered in the BLS Healthcare Provicer Course and give presentations to refine their teaching skills. They will have to coach other participants in the demonstration of their skills. A written exmanitation will be given.
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