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Course Name:  CPR for Family and Friends Adult
Course Price:  $25.00
Hours:  2.5
Who should take this course:  All lay rescuers, such as school children, family members, patients at risk for sudden cardiac death, and other laypersons who want to learn rescue skills for loved ones. This course may be used in business where partic 
Description:  Adult: The course teaches rescuers skills in CPR and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (FBOA). It presents information about the AHA adult Chain of Survival and signs of a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, and choking in adults.
Course Prerequisites:  None
Testing Required:  No written examination required.
Course Notes:  Time: Adult approximately two hours. Infant and Child approximately Two and one half hours. All CPR and Instructor Courses are taught according to the Guidelines of the American Heart Association. Documentation is provided through the American Heart Association for two years from the date of successful course completion. Successful course completion and documentation does not constitute a warranty of performance, or authorize a student to perform any procedures on patients. Only, that the student has demonstrated proficiency to meet the course completion guidelines on the date of course.
Locations: Course taught 2 times. To register for this course, click the "Location / Date" button below.